About Us

slide-4Other stores might say “We’re the best!”, “We’re the oldest!”, “We’re the biggest!”

They use such words to try to win your business, but you need service and quality products, not empty phrases.

We don’t believe in smokescreen – NO big boasts or wild claims. Nobody is perfect, but at Batavia Computer Center, we can say that we are “Pretty Damn Good!”


  • 22 Years in Business! Businesses come and go. We offer the stability of 22 years in the community.
  • Local business with personal care. No corporate or vast chain to deal with. NO policies and procedures formulated by men in suits from an office across the country. We are your neighbor and treat you as such.
  • You’re not just another number, you are #1! We treat our customers like guests. You’re welcomed in and treated like friends and family here. Your issues and needs become our issues and needs and we do the best to fill your expectations every time!
  • Fast turn around times. We get you up and running in no time.  Our team understands the need to have your equipment back in a timely manner and we do our best to get it in, get it serviced, and get back in your hands as quickly as possible.
  • Tech-Knowledge-gy is not just a play on words. We want you to have the knowledge to understand what your purchasing, why and how it works.
  • Split-Drive System. We load our systems with a feature called split-drive. This system allows you to easily recover from disastrous events without losing your data. An Easy at-home solution that saves you additonal cost and time. (except in the worst cases, hard drive failures, root track infections etc.)
  • In-store or On-site. If you cannot arrange to bring your equipment to us, we can arrange to bring our service to you. With professional, quality trained technicians you and your equipment are in safe hands.

Come in, and you’ll see the truth in our words – in the way we treat you, in the way we make your problems our own, in the way we truly give you quality service!